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4 April 2020, Saturday
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cross country

  1. Cross Country is a sport or activity when you run long distances. People run cross country because they have a great deal of endurance or they may do it to stay healthy and hang out with their friends. In order for a cross country to win a meet, is to score the lowest amounts of points out of all the teams possible. Seven runners on the team can score points and the others can make the other teams scores higher. In order to score the lowest amount of points, the team's top five runners have to finish faster then the other teams' five. The way the scoring works is that if your a super stud and come in first in your race, you get one point for your team. If your not a super stud but someone who is just running for fun, but your team doesn't have many studs and you are one of the top five runners and you finsih 56th, then you earn youur team 56 points. If the score is a tie after five runners have crossed, then it goes to who finished first between the teams' 6th runner and if that doesn't help it goes to which teams' 7th runner finished first. Running on a cross country team usually starts in middle school where they have races that are about 2 miles for a race. Then they run in high school and they run about a 5K for a race. And if your a super stud you run in college, you run about a 8K for a race for Division III and about a 10K for a race for Division I and II. There are many ways you can identify a cross country runner. First off, if you see a super skinny person, who is always hungry and always eating, chances are that he or she is a cross country runner since the training they do for cross country leaves them always hungry. Also if you see someone with dirty or torn socks, this is a good indication of a cross country runner since they like to run in mud, dirt, or any kind of surface for that matter. Cross country have a love/hate relationship with running as they are always complaing about running 8 miles for practice but end up loving the 8 miles they ran when they are finished.
    (paulchoi, November 18, 2008 12:06 am ~ 12:07 am)
  2. shortest distance between two points.
    (Chequer, November 18, 2008, 1:57 pm)
  3. when go beyond the country is calles as cross country. and also some people will violate the rules of country is called as cross country. sometimes it is referred as a sports. that is crossing the particluar distance.
    (rose007, November 18, 2008, 8:55 pm)

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