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6 July 2020, Monday
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  1. a very populer programming language developed by sun microsystems.
    (run helen run, May 27, 2008, 12:39 pm)
  2. A slang term for a cup of coffee.
    (pdjones26, November 23, 2008, 8:37 pm)
  3. java is a technology that allows software designed and written just once for an idealized "virtual machine" to run on a variety of real computers, including Windows PCs, Macintoshes, and Unix computers.
    (tech2008, November 23, 2008, 9:35 pm)
  4. Java is a general purpose object oriented programming language developed by sun Microsystems in 1991. Initially called as "oak". It was renamed as "JAVA" in 1995. Java was designed for the development of software for consumer electronic devices like TV’s, VCR's, Remote Controls and cellular phones etc...

    The following table lists some important milestones in the development of java:

    Year and development listed below:

    Sun Microsystems decided to develop special software that could be used to manipulate customer electronic devices. A team of Sun Microsystems programmer including James gosling, Patrick Naughton, Chriswarth, Edfrank and mike Sheridan was formed to undertake this task.

    After exploring the possibility of using the most popular object oriented language c++, the team announced a new language "oak". It took 18 months to develop the first version.
    1992 The team demonstrated the application of their new language to control a list of home devices.(electronic)

    The World Wide Web (WWW) appeared on the internet and transformed the text based internet into graphical rich environment. The team came up with the idea of developing web applet, using the new language that could run on all types of computers connected to the internet.
    1994 The team developed a web browser called HotJava to locate and run applet programs on internet.
    1995 "Oak" was renamed as "JAVA". Many popular companies including Netscape and
    Microsoft announces their support to java.
    1996 Java is not only as a leader for internet programming, but also as a general purpose Object Oriented language.

    Basic concept of java:

     Java is a 32 bit application.
     Java support UNICODE character set. Unicode character set contains all human languages. Range: of character set: 0 - 65,535. Size: 2 bytes per character.
     Java is case sensitive language.
     Class Name: All weight letters (first char in a word) should be in upper case.
    Example: String, DataInputStream and System
     Method Name: All weight letters except the first one should be in upper case.
    Example: drawLine ( ), readLine ( ) and parseInt ( )

     Java can be used to create two types of programs.

    1. Application: An application is a program that runs on your computer under the operating system.
    2. Applet: An applet is a program design to be transmitted over the internet and executed by a java compatible web server.
    Java Features: (BUZZ Words)

     Java is a pure object oriented programming language.
     Java is a machine independent or platform independent language.
     Compiled and Interrupted: Usually a computer language is either compiled or interrupted. Java combines both of them. Java compiler translates source code into byte code. Byte codes are not machine instructions. Java interpreter execute the byte code and generate machine code. This machine code can be directly executed by the machine.

     Simple and secured: we can easily understand and write java programs. Basic knowledge of c and c++ is necessary to write a java program. We can't create virus programs using java language. Since java compiler doesn’t give machine code directly. It gives an intermediate code between the source code and machine code called "Byte Code" or "Text Code".

     Portability: we can move a java program one system to another system very easily. So JAVA is a popular language for internet programming. (This interconnects different kinds of system world wide)

     Distributed: (Remote Method Invocation): Java designed as a distributed language for creating applications on internet. It has the ability to share both data and programs. Java applications can open and access remote objects on internet it handles PCP/IP and UDP protocols.

     Multithreaded: Java supports simultaneous execution of more than one process.
     High Performance: Multithreading enhances the execution speed of java programs.
     Robust: Java proved automatic memory management. That is java provides garbage collection for unused objects. Java handles runtime errors (Exception).

     Architecture Neutral: Operating System upgrade, Processor upgrade, changes in system resource does not affect - JVM.
    (rose007, November 26, 2008, 9:27 pm)
  5. a high level computer programming language that allows small application programs to be downloaded from a server to a client along with the data that each program processes.
    (froi, June 17, 2009, 8:41 am)

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